YAMBI (Youth Access Moreton Bay Initiative):

YAMBI works with young people aged 12 – 18 years across the Moreton Bay regional area. YAMBI works with young people individually or with their family where support is needed.

YAMBI works with young people in several ways:
- Providing support and pathways to find the right services to meet your needs.
- Working with you to achieve your goals.
- Working with you when lots of things are going wrong and you need intensive support to work it all out.
- Supporting young people and parents / carers together as families.
- Helping young people and families work through challenges in their relationships.
- Supporting young people and families to find the right services and supports to meet their needs.

YAMBI is there to listen, hear your story and work with you towards your goals in life.

Phone 5432 4360.
Visit: YAMBI’s website to find your program.

Funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.


On The Ground Training Program: supporting services to manage volatile substance
misuse for both operational staff and management for the policy and procedural aspects required.


Advocacy & Referral Services: KYC will assist you to engage with KYC or with another services or services to best suit your needs. Please call 5428 3589 or drop in and we will assist you in finding the right service for you.


Consultancy Services: KYC provides consultancy services for the youth and community sector in project evaluation and engagement processes towards needs analysis reports and development projects. KYC Consultancy also provides support to services with operational and strategic plans and strategies to market and promote your service or business. Please email project scopes for a quote to or call on 07 5495 4030.